About us

Energy Systems Catapult was set up to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s energy system and ensure UK businesses and consumers capture the opportunities of clean growth. The Catapult is an independent, not-for-profit centre of excellence that bridges the gap between industry, government, academia and research. We take a whole-systems view of the energy sector, helping us to identify and address innovation priorities and market barriers, in order to decarbonise the energy system at the lowest cost.

Our Mission

To unleash innovation and open new markets to capture the clean growth opportunity.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Creating demand pull for energy systems innovation by working to remove existing barriers and open new markets for the sector;
  2. Supporting UK innovators to test and commercialise new processes, products, services and business models for the sector;
  3. Connecting UK innovators to international expertise and markets to accelerate routes to export;
  4. Providing greater understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with transitioning to a low carbon energy system.
The Challenge
The UK has ambitious targets to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050. Achieving those targets while improving consumer experiences, will require a significant increase in the amount of innovation in the energy sector. Yet many businesses struggle to test and commercialise new innovations under current market conditions; policymakers face a challenge to understand the risks and opportunities in designing new market arrangements; investors grapple with evaluating returns on assets and innovation, without knowing how future markets will operate; while regulators may struggle to design rules to protect consumers if they don’t know which solutions are viable and will get traction.
The Opportunity
The Government’s Clean Growth and Industrial Strategies set out the importance of clean growth to the future economic success of the UK. The transformation of the global energy system over the coming decades is expected to create whole new industries, with the Paris Climate Agreement estimated to be require USD$13.5 trillion of investment between 2015 and 2030. Reflecting this opportunity, the UK’s low carbon economy is expected to grow four times faster than the rest of the economy. The energy digitalisation sector alone will be worth £45 billion by 2025 and over £20 billion will need to be invested in electricity networks over the 15 years to upgrade infrastructure to meet the changing energy system.
What we do
Energy Systems Catapult was set up to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s energy system and ensure UK businesses and consumers capture the opportunities of clean growth. We have more than 170+ staff based in Birmingham and Derby with a variety of technical, commercial and policy backgrounds. We work with innovators from companies of all sizes to develop, test and scale their ideas. We also collaborate with industry, academia and Government to overcome the systemic barriers of the current energy market to help unleash the potential of new products, services and value chains required to achieve the UK’s clean growth ambitions as set out in the Industrial Strategy.
Board and Senior Leadership Team
Energy Systems Catapult's board and senior leadership team brings together a wealth of experience from a whole energy system perspective, with commercial, technical and policy expertise from across industry, academia and government.
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Catapults are part of a network of world-leading centres set up by the government to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific sectors and help drive future economic growth. They were established and overseen by Innovate UK as a new addition to its range of programmes to stimulate innovation.
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They are places where the best of the UK’s innovative businesses and researchers work together to bring new products and services more quickly to commercialisation. Focusing on areas with great market potential, Catapults will open up global opportunities for the UK and generate economic growth for the future.
Join us and you really can enable the energy transformation. Energy Systems Catapult want to recruit to best people to help innovate and solve complex energy problems that will make an impact on changing energy sector. Work alongside like-minded colleagues who are passionate about making a difference in the energy transformation space. We are pro-active engagement in your personal and professional growth through knowledge sharing and continuous learning. We have great office space to spur creativity and are principles driven, not rules driven.
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