Test your product in real homes: Overcome installation challenges

Published: 24 October 2019


Creating innovative new energy products and services to help transform the market is difficult, especially when it is hard to know what installation challenges may emerge and how much it will cost to get them into people’s homes.

The Living Lab is a unique trial environment of 100 real-world homes, created to help businesses test out the delivery of new products and services.

Our Approach

You can discover how long it takes to install your new product or kit, to better understand the different challenges that must be overcome to ensure an efficient, cost-effective and, importantly, customer friendly process.

Households in the 100 home Living Lab form a broad range of occupancy demographics and building types including terraces, semi-detached and detached from a range of different building eras across different regions of the UK.

You can learn the challenges of installing into different building archetypes, with different building fabrics, that house consumers with different needs. After this work, you’ll know how long it takes to install, you’ll build confidence in your commercial models and capture ways to improve the customer experience.

Within weeks, you could have

  • support from our team of energy experts
  • easy access to a range of homes in the Living Lab
  • started to invite Living Lab residents to take part
  • begun to capture consumer insight and be learning how to improve your customers’ experiences.

How could it help?

  • Product manufacturers: installation trials could reveal a range of unanticipated challenges in regard to the physical install or the customer needs; to ensure an efficient and cost-effective process when launching to market.
  • Energy suppliers: installation trials could help you better understand the challenges of integrating product upgrades into an energy service offering, ensuring a smooth consumer experience and reduce the cost to serve.

For more information on the Living Lab, contact

marc.brown@es.catapult.org.uk / 07741 263 002