How to test your innovation works for vulnerable customers

Published: 24 October 2019


Emerging technologies promise to revolutionise how consumers buy and use energy at home. There is potential for these innovations to help vulnerable consumers get the energy they need.

However, regulators are worried that some people may not benefit or could even be harmed. It’s also hard for businesses to evidence the good work they are doing to protect consumers from any potential risks.

Our Approach

The Living Lab helps businesses find out how to innovate safely and successfully with consumers. We have upgraded 100 real-world homes with room-by-room sensors and smart heating controls, producing a wealth of data.

Our team of experts help you to rapidly design, market test and launch smart energy products and services. Design products and services for vulnerable consumers. The best way to demonstrate your idea works with vulnerable consumers is to design it with them.

We can help you work with consumers with health conditions, on low incomes, without access to the internet, or who speak English as a second language. That way you’ll be able to test whether your new product and service works well for everyone.

Within weeks, you could have

  • developed a new service offering
  • evidence on how it helps vulnerable consumers or those at risk of fuel poverty
  • insight to better understand your existing customers
  • support from our team of energy experts.

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Our Impact

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