Low Carbon Electric


Low Carbon Electric is an SME developing a ‘phase switch system’, which exploits smart sensors, communications and data processing to balance domestic load between phases on the network.

It has the potential to substantially increase the capacity of the network to carry electric vehicle charging, PV and heat pumps.

Working with Energy Systems Catapult

We have identified Low Carbon Electric as a high-growth potential company and have been able to provide them with systems integration insights based on our Future Power System Architecture (FPSA) work. We have also leveraged our technical and commercial expertise to help them develop their prototype design and used our network of influencers and advisors to introduce the company to strategic partners and potential end-customers.

What happens next?

Low Carbon Electric and the Catapult have jointly applied into Innovate UK’s ‘Innovation in Infrastructure Systems’ competition, with the aim of securing creative research and development funding to deliver the collaborative prototype project and accelerate the company’s technical and commercial progress.