Call for Information from Platform Solution Providers for ERIS SLES Marketplace Platform

Published: 9 July 2021

Energy Systems Catapult’s (ESC) Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS) is looking for information from potential solution providers to develop their local authority driven Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) Marketplace platform.

UK Local Authorities (LAs) will play a key role in delivering the UK’s Net Zero targets and accelerating the UK’s transition to a Net Zero future. However not all LAs have the resources, time or know how to determine, design and deliver the solutions needed to achieve the changes required in their local areas.

Working together with LAs, the Catapult has developed a prototype platform that brings together the key components of a SLES Marketplace platform that can guide LAs through the stages needed to deliver complex smart and local energy projects.

The Catapult has published a Request for Information (RFI) in order to:

  • Receive elicit feedback on the conceptual design of the SLES Marketplace platform.
  • Understand if there are existing solutions that can deliver the scale, flexibility and openness that is required for the platform.
  • Understand if existing solutions can be modified to meet requirements.
  • Understand if a bespoke solution is required.

In all cases, we are seeking feedback regarding indicative costs, timescales and challenges associated with implementing the proposed solution.

This information will be used by the Catapult to develop more detailed requirements for the system which will be issued in a subsequent Request for Proposal (RFP).

The Catapult is now looking for indicative responses from those who can help rapidly design, build and deploy a next-generation platform over several phases. The platform will support a “SLES Marketplace” where local authority users can:

  • Access guidance, standards, and case study examples.
  • Acquire digital planning and mapping tools, some of which will be available at no cost whilst others will need to be purchased.
  • Seek stakeholder feedback through the use of market research tools.
  • Track carbon reduction and performance against other key targets.
  • Procure design, deployment and maintenance services.
  • Store data, plans etc that are needed across the lifetime of their projects.
  • Interact with other LAs in a community of Marketplace users.

If your organisation has a solution that will be of practical use to a local authority, please review and respond to the RFI by 12pm, Monday 26 July 2021.