Energy Knowledge Exchange

As we rise to the energy sector innovation challenge, experts and newcomers alike have great difficulty in accessing knowledge and finding the right people to contact. To address this, the Catapult is working with our growing network of partners through the EKX Forum to develop the new Energy Knowledge Exchange (EKX) – a free service for innovators

Our vision is to provide access for innovators to energy knowledge without borders.

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Are you an Energy Knowledge Provider? You can signpost more SMEs, researchers, engineers and innovators to your information and resources by using the Portal and joining the EKX Forum.

We are already working with our partners in a collaborative approach: a digital service connecting web resources and our EKX Forum to manage innovation journeys. Together we’re achieving this vision by enabling access to knowledge across the innovation spectrum, from academia to industry:

If you want to offer free and easier access for SMEs and your resources can help energy innovators, please contact us.

You can make your energy publications and resources more discoverable and your organisation can benefit too:

  • Learn with us. Join the Catapult’s EKX Forum and get access to your own EKX Management Portal
  • Aid the project development, improve access to knowledge and enable wider access to your resources
  • Benefit from our SME testing traffic directed to your website resources and see measurable progress, with statistics and analytics to show your resources are of benefit to energy innovators

About Energy Exchange Knowledge

You told us there is great information already contained within many websites, databases and more, but getting access can be difficult. A tool which connects the dots for innovators would be better for all.

We listened and began partnering with the separate providers to unlock resources so you can swiftly navigate the relevant pages across multiple information sites, technical databases, communities and funding resources, via links and EKX buttons. We tested a widget for six months and then refined the solution based on feedback.

Designed for innovators

EKX is for anyone who wants to innovate in energy, including:

  • Businesses of all sizes and sectors
  • Engineers
  • Inventors
  • Community energy leaders
  • Strategists
  • Policy makers and regulators
  • Financiers
  • Research organisation
  • SMEs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Applied researchers and engineers