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Welcome to the Energy Knowledge eXchange™. Developed by Energy Systems Catapult in collaboration with industry knowledge providers, and support from Innovate UK, EKX is free collaborative service designed to meet the needs of energy innovators by signposting content on the web. Read more about EKX.

Our vision is to unleash energy innovation by providing free access to knowledge for energy innovators.

Try these Starter Topics to start discovering, or try your own search.
1. smart home sensors 6. heat pump
2. carbon capture 7. active network management / active networks
3. peer to peer 8. consumer behaviour
4. heat networks 9. biogas
5. Smart Cities / “smart city”+”smart cities” 10. “heating and cooling” –  try phrase-searches


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The range of knowledge and number of places shared through the service is growing and evolving all the time. We rely on feedback to shape the service, once you’ve tried EKX, please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

If you’re an Energy Knowledge Provider, you can signpost more SMEs, researchers, engineers and innovators to your information and resources by using EKX Portal and joining the EKX Forum. To get access to the portal please email us.


EKX™ Forum members and our growing body of knowledge partners include:

UK Energy Research Centre Energy Data Centre The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI)
The Energy Innovation Centre Knowledge Transfer Network
The Institution of Engineering & Technology’s E&T Energy and Power Hub expertise and communities The Energy Networks Association – ENA Smarter Networks Portal


We also work with and exchange knowledge with:

Innovate UK Ofgem
EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Network
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Energy Technologies Institute
UK Energy Research Centre University of Warwick Energy Group
University of Strathclyde – Power Networks Demonstration Centre Birmingham Energy Institute and the University of Birmingham


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Through our Information Management (IM) capabilities, products and roadmap, ESC offers wider knowledge and IM technologies to help other fields facing similar challenges, enabling them to unlock innovation through data and knowledge.

If you’re driving innovation and would like to discuss services such as our KX-Engine™, Industry IM solutions and PerspecTabs™ software, please contact our business support team.