We asked innovators how best to unlock energy knowledge – you said: “existing knowledge needs to be easier to access. One more wiki won’t help”. The Innovate-UK-inspired Energy Knowledge eXchange™ is free to innovators, offering key research, energy network and project data. Please keep using this prototype. Tell us your experience – help improve EKX.

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Further information on EKX

We asked innovators how best to unlock knowledge – you said: “existing energy websites need to be easier to access. ‘One more wiki won’t help!’”

We’re working to build EKX into energy data websites – two major databases are live and another will be linked soon. Until then, extensions help us index energy data on existing websites, like search engines do, learning from clicks or search terms, without further confusing innovators with ‘yet another wiki’.

The EKX button protects your privacy, only learning about energy-related links and only using data in agreed, limited ways. EKX does not access your browser history. It does nothing at all unless you keep clicking it open.

Soon EKX will be even easier to access. Knowledge links you see in the button today will be woven into many energy websites tomorrow. EKX will keep on learning, linking many jigsaw pieces of energy data into coherent, accessible knowledge journeys. Until then, you can keep your EKX button, or disable/remove it. We hope you keep clicking! We can keep improving the links it offers. Together we can improve EKX, offering you more access to vital energy knowledge. See how one of our partners is using EKX.


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* ‘Can I use another browser?’ Not just yet, although it’s in the plan. Currently, EKX testing is open to Chrome and Firefox users. Please tell us which browser you prefer to use and be counted in the next All-browser Beta trial.


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Grid Battery Storage:
gridbatterystorage/working to deliver electricity storage projects meeting commercial needs as they emerge. Our first projects are targeted at National Grid’s Frequency Response services. have an outstanding record in power industry project delivery, in a wide range of industry sectors.
Grid energy storage -Jump to Batteries – Grid energy storage is a collection of methods used to store electrical energy on a large scale within an electrical power grid. Electrical energy is stored during times when production (especially from intermittent power plants such as renewable electricity sources such as wind power, tidal power, …
‎Benefits of storage and … • ‎Demand side … • ‎Forms • ‎Electric vehicles
Is the Battery Rush Distracting Us From Better Energy Storage Options …
Batteries are helping the grid everywhere from But some are concerned that battery-based storage might not be the universal panacea that evangelists believe. Launching the Tesla Powerwall in 2015, for example,: “The size of the batteries needed to …
What is the Best Battery for Solar Storage in 2018?
Below, learn about all of the criteria that you should use to compare your home energy storage options, as well as the different types of solar batteries. …. Additionally, if you are installing home energy storage in order to disconnect from the electric grid, you should install a few days’ worth of backup power to account for days …
Battery Storage Will Offer Grid Support as Recovers …
AES’s pair of 10 MW, 30-minute-duration battery energy storage arrays in: Energy Storage. By, a half-dozen 1-megawatt lithium-ion batteries could be in place, helping to support Puerto Rico’s electric power grid, which was almost entirely destroyed by …
Grid Batteries Are Poised to Become Cheaper Than Natural-Gas …
According to the analysis, bringing lithium-ion batteries online for grid storage would be a good way to stockpile energy for when it’s needed, and it would prove less costly than building and operating new natural-gas plants. The finding comes at an interesting time. For one thing, the price of lithium-ion …
Grid Connect System with Battery Storage – Wind & Sun
An inverter/charger – to convert battery power to 230V AC (grid power) and vice versa. Batteries – to store the energy when it’s generated, for use when it’s needed. Lead acid or lithium ion. Controls for monitoring and control of the system – to make a more efficient system and give you information on the distribution of energy.
big battery experiment: a turning point for energy storage …
Instead, utilities E chose something relatively new: grid-scale batteries. What followed was the battery plus several others totalling about 100MW. The project became a major test case for the grid storage industry’s ability to make the grid more efficient and …
Grid-Scale Battery Storage Is Already Viable In Australia …
– Have you heard the line recently that grid-based battery storage is “coming”, but is not quite “commercial”, but might be in a few years time, or even a decade … There would be so many batteries that they would fill some storage containers, and if laid end to end would stretch
Giant energy storage battery installed at Sheffield biomass plant The …
– Energy supplier has completed the installation of a 10MW battery storage facility that will help smooth the flow of power to and from the grid. … four 40ft long shipping containers, has the same power as roughly 100 family cars and holds the same amount of energy as 500,000 mobile phone batteries.
Industrial Energy Storage‎
Grid stabilisation, load balancing, energy trading and off grid solutions.
Highlights: Fully Integrated End-To-End Storage Solution, Standardized Production With Flexibility…
Management & MaintenanceGrid AutomationEV Charge PointsSmart Grid Solutions