02/08/2022 - Inclusive Innovation: Safeguarding the Switch to Domestic Hydrogen

The UK Government is exploring the possibility of switching some homes from natural gas to hydrogen to help the country reach net-zero carbon emissions.

Some experts feel this is a good alternative because, unlike some of the other solutions being considered, it should not require significant changes to people’s homes. Whilst moving to a hydrogen supply may offer less disruption than some of the other alternatives being considered, there are still a few challenges that need to be overcome.

These challenges are likely to present a greater risk to consumers who find themselves in a vulnerable situation. In this webinar, we’ll be discussing a project commissioned by Wales and West Utilities to understand how to enable a transition to domestic hydrogen that works well for vulnerable consumers, if it is undertaken.

To do this, the Energy Systems Catapult engaged with a series of industry experts to map out the likely customer journey to transition to domestic hydrogen. Once this journey was defined, they then engaged with a range of vulnerable consumers and industry experts to discuss the switchover process and capture any perceived risk.

Finally, they worked with these same groups to co-design appropriate solutions to overcome these perceived risks, that should be considered when seeking to preserve wellbeing during a transition to hydrogen.

Join this free webinar on the 2nd of August 2022, to learn more.

Inclusive Innovation: Safeguarding the Switch to Domestic Hydrogen


Tuesday 2nd August 2022



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Duration: 1 Hr

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The Fair Futures Programme

Energy Systems Catapult created a Fair Future programme in 2016 to predict and prevent risks that can come from innovation and ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits. Energy Systems Catapult has delivered a large body of work in this space on topics including mobility and disability, designing inclusive energy innovation, trialling a service to prescribe people a warm home and using smart data to identify and support fuel poor households. This project is part of our work on Fair Futures.

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