Chatham House: Energy Transitions 2021

Published: 29 January 2021

Energy Systems Catapult’s Director of Strategy and Performance, Guy Newey, is presenting at the Chatham House: Energy Transitions 2021 Conference on 18 March 2021.

The 2021 Energy Transitions LIVE conference will explore the emergence of a net-zero consensus, exploring its drivers and how to capitalize on this momentum to successfully achieve the energy transition. The series brings together international audiences and enables participants to engage in high-level panel discussions connect with peers from across the globe.

Guy is taking place in the 4.30-5.30pm session: ‘Changing energy vectors: electrification and green hydrogen’, exploring the shifting of energy vectors towards electrification and green hydrogen, and discussing their implications for disruption as well as assessing the current policy support behind this shift.

Key questions the panel will consider include:

  • Do green hydrogen and electrification complement each other or compete for the same markets?
  • Is electrification constrained to domestic heating and vehicles and is hydrogen poised to disrupt heavy industry, aviation and shipping?
  • Is a virtuous circle being created between electric vehicles and stationary storage?
  • What current technologies can facilitate low-carbon industrial decarbonization and where is there potential for improvement particularly for high-temperature heat processes?
  • Will improved technology drive a decline in cost enough to compete with incumbent rivals?
  • How can policymakers and utility companies support a shift to electrification and green hydrogen?
  • What is the impact of electric vehicles on the power sector and how has the coronavirus crisis impacted the sale and distribution of electric vehicles?

This event is taking place remotely via online channels. To sign up or find out more about the event, click on the booking link on the right of this page.