Edinburgh Sustainable Innovation Conference


Paul Jordan, our director of business development, is delivering a keynote speech at the Edinburgh Sustainable Innovation Conference.

Paul will be giving an introduction to Energy Systems Catapult and our thoughts on sector transformation. He will also take part in a workshop session for a Q&A with delegates.

The conference is a unique opportunity to dive into questions surrounding “how we achieve a carbon-free Scotland”. It will explore how Scotland can transition to a low-carbon economy, with a focus on the transport and energy sectors. The student-run conference is organised by the Buchanan Institute, a student-led think tank from the University of Edinburgh, with the belief that climate change should be at the top of our agenda and that the next generation is in an extraordinary position to drive this forward.


Start date: 23 Mar 2018

Start time: 9am

End time: 5.30pm

Location: McEwan Hall, The University of Edinburgh, EH8 9AG.