Elemental Webinar Series – Electric Vehicle scale-up in the 2020’s: challenges and opportunities

Published: 12 October 2020

Energy Systems Catapult has partnered with Elemental to deliver a series of webinars exploring the challenges and opportunities of transforming the energy system.

The first episode in the series will take place on 28 October and explore the roll out and scale-up of electric vehicles in the UK, drawing on the Catapult’s work on the Electric Vehicle Taskforce and its Consumers, Vehicles and Energy Integration reports, published last year.

Elemental is an online community for professionals focused on heat, water, air and energy – looking at how we effectively manage these vital elements within the built environment, now and in the future. It’s hosted webinars create opportunities for discussions and continuous personal development, as well as fostering engagement in developing bespoke solutions across a range of heat, water, air and energy applications.

This webinar will take the form of a panel discussion, welcoming a range of experts in the EV space including Fiona Howarth, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles; Douglas Watson, Director, CITYEV; Daniel Brown, Policy Manager, REA; Thomas McMillan, Energy Director, Savills; Thalia Skoufa, Transport Systems Practice Manager at Energy Systems Catapult, Stephen Skippon, consultant at the Catapult.

Key questions and topics that we’ll explore in the webinar include:

  • Consumer perspective on EV technology and concerns around grid capacity and demand
  • The ideal roadmap for EV roll out at scale, and potential blockers
  • Preparing and anticipating demand through wider industry engagement and collaboration
  • What’s already underway – case study example with UK developer

There will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of the discussion.

We’d encourage you to share this invite widely with your colleagues; registration is via the booking link button on the right of this page.