Energy Systems Catapult to give evidence at Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on technical innovations and climate change

Published: 6 July 2020

Energy Systems Catapult’s Director of Capabilities, Richard Halsey, presented evidence to the EAC at its session on hydrogen, as part of its inquiry on technical innovations and climate change.

A recording of the session can be accessed here.

The Environmental Audit Committee is conducting an overarching inquiry looking at technological innovations which could contribute to tackling climate change. Each part of the inquiry will look at a specific technology currently in use or in development and consider its potential and how Government policy can facilitate the UK making the best and most cost-effective use of that technology.

This inquiry will be an opportunity to highlight UK-based examples of innovation and excellence, and the Committee is keen to hear from those at the cutting edge of each sector. Looking to the future, it is difficult to predict how individual technologies will reduce in cost or improve in efficacy, but alongside other changes, technological innovation will be crucial to the UK achieving its emissions reduction goals.

This second session focused on hydrogen production and distribution. As the country with the largest offshore wind capacity and an extensive gas network, the UK has a comparative advantage in distributing and handling gases and producing ‘green hydrogen’ via electrolysis using electricity generated from offshore wind. This session will consider the opportunities to maximise continued development and effectiveness of this technology, and the challenges faced by the industry in delivering greater capacity.

Richard detailed the Catapult’s work on whole energy system and modelling of pathways to net zero, touching upon our recent flagship report ‘Innovating to Net Zero’, which modelled 100s of potential pathways to 2050.

He appeared alongside Professor Nigel Brandon, Engineering Dean at Imperial College London; Amanda Lyne, Chair at UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association and Dr Angie Needle, Director of Strategy at Cadent Gas Limited.

To sign up or find out more about the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry, visit the UK Committees website or find out more about the Catapult’s Modelling capability.