Innovating to Net Zero: Storage and Flexibility

Published: 4 May 2020

As part of the Innovating to Net Zero project, Energy Systems Catapult has conducted a series of Deep Dives into areas of the sector that require innovation.

Our latest report “Storage & Flexibility for Net Zero” explores the role of storage and flexibility in achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Please join us for a virtual presentation and live Q&A on our latest report.

Storage and Flexibility for Net Zero

Reaching Net Zero is driving radical changes in the UK energy system, many of which make the balancing of supply and demand across the energy system substantially more challenging.

To meet this challenge the role of energy storage and competing flexible technologies will need to change and expand. However, the nature of this role and the technologies that can deliver against it cost-effectively are still uncertain, with many potentially valuable technologies still in development.

To investigate how this role may change, the Catapult carried out a technology deep dive into four areas related to energy storage and flexibility which have the potential to have significant disruptive impacts on the UK energy system. This webinar will review the study carried out and explore its findings.

Attendees will learn about:

  • The significant role that non-battery electrical storage could have in a Net Zero energy system, and the challenges that need to be addressed before this value can be realised;
  • The benefit conundrum of vehicle-to-grid V’s managed charging;
  • The role for domestic phase change material thermal storage V’s sensible heat storage; and
  • The opportunities and challenges surrounding the exploitation of second life vehicle batteries compared with new stationary battery storage.

Following the webinar, there will be a Q&A to explore and debate further.

Presenter biography 

Dr Daniel Murrant is an analyst within the Networks and Energy Storage team, applying insights and utilising modelling capability to the Catapults’s major projects. He played a key role in the development and deployment of the Storage and Flexibility model at the Catapult. Dan has also supported projects reviewing the future role of storage for the UK energy system at the Catapult.

Prior to joining the Catapult, Dan worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, where he also completed a PhD on the water-energy nexus.


10:00Introduction and overview of Innovating to Net Zero report – Scott Milne, Head of Insights, Energy Systems Catapult

10:05Storage & Flexibility for Net Zero presentation – Dr Daniel Murrant, Practice Manager – Analyst – Networks and Energy Storage, Energy Systems Catapult


11:00Webinar concludes