Learnings from the Modern Energy Partners Programme

Published: 18 August 2021

As the Modern Energy Partners (MEP) Phase 2 programme draws to a close, Energy Systems Catapult will be sharing what we have learnt at a lunchtime presentation on Tuesday 28th September where we’ll take you through the findings of this rather un-usual innovation programme. It also gives us a chance to thank those involved for their willingness to work collaboratively and openly together, which made a massive difference to the success of the programme.

Over the past 2.5 years, Modern Energy Partners (MEP) was challenged with looking at how to scale up decarbonisation in the public sector, ensuring consistency and comparability between outputs.

Modern Energy Partners is a BEIS funded and Cabinet Office sponsored innovation programme that was tasked with looking at how to drive decarbonisation at scale throughout the public sector looking specifically at campus-style sites, ensuring consistency and comparability between outputs. Through learning by doing, and being supported by many industry partners, MEP has now seen patterns and themes in the sites, the solutions, and in delivery. Since March 2019 the programme has worked on 42 sites, primarily across MOD, MOJ and NHS, supporting the:

  • development of a rapid repeatable consistent approach for the:
    • development of decarbonisation plans, which provide a pathway that over time allows a site to decarbonise, giving financial and economic outputs, based on the green book, that enables investment decisions to be made.
    • deployment of submetering
  • deployment of some of the initial measures on three pathfinder sites.

In addition, it has further supported the MOD and MOJ with additional plans, further testing and refining the approaches.

Public sector estate accounts for 2% of national emissions, and the sheer magnitude of the estate offers opportunities for exploring ways in which decarbonisation can be scaled.

If you would like to come to the session please click here and register. We would also encourage you to share with others in your organisation, or beyond, who may not have been close to the programme, but are working on public sector sites and would be interested to hear more.