Living Lab Domestic Energy Innovation webinar series: How to grow your business in the energy market

Published: 15 March 2021

The Government’s commitment to a ‘net zero’ carbon target will mean profound changes for the UK economy and potentially for British households – including how we heat our homes and water, power our cars and do everyday activities like boiling the kettle or cooking dinner.

We know that this will require innovation – in technology of course, but equally in consumer propositions, market design, business models and system design. Such an approach helps scope the opportunity for policy and regulation to enable new technologies, propositions and business models to be developed, financed and deployed at scale and with pace.

To meet the challenge of decarbonising domestic energy consumption, Energy Systems Catapult has developed the Living Lab to provide a unique real-world consumer trial environment for the home energy market. The Lab provides a national capability to test and demonstrate domestic energy innovations, new business models, policy and regulations with real consumers.

Living Lab webinar series

We’ve launched a series of webinars to introduce the Living Lab, exploring the challenges and opportunities for innovators seeking to introduce new technology that will decarbonise domestic energy consumption using smart products and services that flexibly respond to network demands.

You can playback our episodes, ‘how to thrive in the future energy market’  and ‘how to delight customers’ below.

Our third webinar, ‘How to grow your business in the energy market’ will explore how to make new energy business models a commercial reality. We’ll also introduce Living Lab 2.0 and how it could save you time and money in growing your business successfully.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of each presentation.

We’d encourage you to share this invite widely with your colleagues; the deadline to register your attendance is 5pm on 6th April 2021 via the booking link button on the right of this page.

Previous Webinars

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