Modern Energy Data Access Webinar

Published: 23 August 2021

The Energy Systems Catapult were contracted as part of the Modernising Energy Data Access (MEDA) project to develop a number of openly available resources which could be used across the sector, including within Open Energy and the Energy Data Visibility project.

We have now completed the final beta phase of workings and would like to invite you to a webinar on the 14th September 2021 to discuss our findings, and how these may be developed to enable easier access to data. The workshop will also be an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the next steps of the Modernising Energy Data Access programme and how your organisations may take forward the findings from both our phase of workings, but also from Icebreaker One.

For background information on our deliverables throughout the MEDA workings, please refer to the project page on our website, where you will find information, physical deliverables and output reports.

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