Peers for the Planet Decarbonising the UK Power Sector

Published: 16 November 2020

Energy Systems Catapult’s Director of Strategy and Performance, Guy Newey, is participating in the Peers for the Planet Decarbonising the UK Power Sector Briefing, on 7 December.

Peers for the Planet is a cross party group of over 100 Peers who are placing the urgent response to climate change and biodiversity loss at the top of the political agenda, Co-Chaired by Bryony Worthington and Helene Hayman.

The Decarbonising the UK Power Sector briefing aims to provide the Peers with a clear overview of the opportunities and obstacles faced and identify areas when they can take action. Taking place as a virtual session, the briefing will look at the scale of the challenge and how to meet the anticipated growth in the demand for electricity as we shift away from fossil fuels, including:

  • Options to decarbonise UK power to Net Zero – future generation mix scenarios; role of demand reduction; need for interconnections; centralised vs decentralised supplies. Mike Thompson, CCC invited.
  • Net Zero Power: the framework for investment – what does industry need from government in terms of regulatory and fiscal levers to achieve a decarbonised power sector. Emma Pinchbeck, Energy UK confirmed.
  • Who will get us to Net Zero and how can we ensure there are no losers? Economic/competitiveness/jobs/skills opportunities for UK energy sector of decarbonising. Potential cost, (clarifying private sector will cover much but Government needs to provide right policies to stimulate the market). Also touch on just transition for fossil fuel workers. Dimitri Zenghelis, lse invited.
  • Next steps for stakeholders: Who should be doing what – i.e. what should Government versus energy/private sector be doing? And what should P4P supporters, as legislators, focus on – what should be our priority ‘asks’?

Guy will be addressing how stakeholders across government, the public and private sector can support the ambition to reach net zero by 2050 by drawing on a number of the Catapult’s projects and expertise, including our recently published ‘Innovating to Net Zero’ reports.

This event is taking place remotely via online channels and is by invitation only.