Procurement for Net Zero: Unleashing the Local Energy Opportunity

Published: 20 August 2021

Has getting public procurement right ever been more critical?

Effective approaches can support the success and scalability of the local energy systems needed to deliver the UK’s net zero ambitions, and foster local growth and sustainable employment in a post-COVID landscape.

However, public procurement is often seen as a barrier to working with the public sector by investors, technology developers, and service providers, as well as local authorities themselves, even bringing local energy projects to the point of abandonment.

In a crucial year for net zero, join us on Wednesday 8 September for our latest webinar Procurement for Net Zero: Unleashing the Local Energy Opportunity, where together with Local Partnerships, ESC will share our latest research and recommendations for procurement approaches that can support, not stall, local energy innovation.

You will also hear from leading voices in national and local government procurement and get the opportunity to help shape the solutions.


Local authorities will play a key part in turning the UK’s climate change declarations into real action. Ensuring public procurement is fit-for-purpose is an important step to unlock local potential, with methods of procuring individual and combined net zero projects for local authorities that minimise cost, reduce friction, enhance investment potential and ensure the success of the place-based energy systems that can deliver a net zero future.

This webinar Procurement for Net Zero: Unleashing the Local Energy Opportunity continues the work of ESC and its Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS) to support local authorities in delivering a local energy transition for people, place, and planet.


Developed with Local Partnerships, and through extensive engagement with the sector and local authorities, this latest ERIS insight sets out recommendations for national and local government to address procurement challenges and help facilitate local energy projects.

We’ll be joined by speakers and panellists from local and national government procurement to share findings, learning, recommendations, and discuss the way forward for fit-for-purpose procurement.

Delegates will also get the opportunity to shape solutions that meet the needs of diverse local authorities.