UK – Australia Joint Energy Workshop

Published: 20 April 2021

Energy networks in Australia and the UK are facing very similar challenges.  Amongst other factors, the incorporation of large quantities of variable renewable energy, the proliferation of smart technologies, electric vehicles, and increasingly discerning and active prosumers are all elements that the energy infrastructure was not initially set up to face.

Against this context, the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) and partners in Australia, see huge potential in working together to solve our common goals and finding ways to scale solutions.

In this event, representatives from the UK and Australia will discuss the opportunities and challenges for both countries on the path to Net Zero.

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About the webinar

New assets, new services, new risks and most importantly new requirements from customers are all shaping a very different set of opportunities and challenges for the energy sector.

Achieving transformation to a clean, secure and affordable energy system requires integrating and optimizing solutions and innovations in a rapidly changing environment, and consideration of physical, digital and markets – a whole systems approach.

Without due consideration of all factors, innovation opportunities will be lost, the transformation likely to be excessively costly, uncoordinated and face security and stability concerns.

The shared learning we can gain from addressing these challenges in the different country contexts will be invaluable to policymakers and innovators, especially in the lead up to COP26, taking place in Glasgow in November.  In this workshop, we want to delve into these challenges in more detail and explore how collaborative work could support both countries in their transition to smart energy systems.


8:30am  (UK)

5:30pm (AUS)

Introduction and Welcome

Paul Jordan, Business Leader, Innovator Support & International, Energy Systems Catapult

8:35am (UK)

5:35pm (AUS)

UK Energy Market Overview

Guy Newey, Strategy & Performance Director,

Energy Systems Catapult

8:45am (UK)

5:45pm (AUS)

Australian Energy Market Overview

Sarah Brown, Counsellor (Europe) – Industry, Science, Energy & Resources, Australian Embassy

9:00am (UK)

6:00pm (AUS)

Panel Discussions:

  • Energy Users/ Consumers (20 mins) 
  • Energy Networks (20 mins)
  • Transport Electrification (20 mins)


Speakers to be confirmed

These sessions will include some short showcase videos from a number of small companies (UK and Australian) who are creating innovative solutions to complex energy challenges.

9:55am (UK)

6:55pm (AUS)

Summary and Close


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