Value in Energy Data Seminar with Dr Hannah Bloomfield

Published: 14 September 2021

The importance of climate and weather data to energy systems modelling

In this talk we will explore some examples of why having high-quality weather and climate data is of key importance for energy system modelling, at timescales from a few days to multiple decades ahead. Recent projects from the University of Reading energy-meteorology group will be used as case studies. Following this, examples of open-access weather and climate datasets will be shown, highlighting the challenges in developing data across disciplines.

Dr Hannah Bloomfield is a research scientist at the University of Bristol, who has spent the last eight years working at the University of Reading studying the impacts of climate variability and climate change on national-level power systems. Hannah specialises in modelling UK and European electricity demand and renewable generation. She has also worked on developing these tools for Mexico and multiple regions of Africa. A key outcome of her work has been to improve the accessibility of large meteorological datasets to non-specialists.

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