Value in Energy Data Webinar Series: Dr Neaimeh & Dr Deakin

Published: 5 July 2021

We are very excited to introduce our next speakers for the Value in Energy Data Series: Dr Myriam Neaimeh and Dr Matthew Deakin from Newcastle University. They will be presenting their work on cloud computing, network models and communication protocols for vehicle grid integration. The abstract for their talk and short bios for the speakers are given below.


As part of the e4future project and a Lloyd’s Register Foundation grant, we’re developing EVENT (Electric VEhicle Network analysis Tool)- an open access, cloud-based, tool that allows users to investigate impacts that may arise within electricity distribution networks due to the uptake of low carbon technologies such as EVs.

EVENT builds and simulates a digital representation of electricity networks and allows users to change some parameters (e.g. size of transformer) and upload their own data (e.g. publicly available solar output data). For example, this would allow users to test distribution network impacts of the output of their own control and optimisation algorithms.

In this talk, we’ll introduce EVENT, provide a justification of the chosen cloud-based technologies and describe the integrated MV-LV network model used. We will also discuss some possible use cases and how users can download the code to adapt the tool for further analysis (e.g. upload additional distribution network models).

The talk will also cover a recent review of communication protocols and standards that would underpin data sharing across different entities in the EV ecosystem and discuss some security and privacy concerns and best practices.


Dr Myriam Neaimeh is a Group Leader for the Data-Centric Engineering program at The Alan Turing Institute and Senior Research Associate at Newcastle University. Myriam secured over one million pounds to investigate Vehicle-to-Grid technology and throughout her work, collaborated with the automotive and energy industry to roll-out EV charging infrastructure and investigate EV charging flexibility in mass-deployment conditions.

Dr Matthew Deakin joined Newcastle University as a Research Associate in 2019 in the Power Systems engineering group. Matt received the PhD in Engineering Science from University of Oxford in 2020, where he held a Clarendon Scholarship. His research interests include distribution network analysis and whole energy systems.