Annual Impact Review 2018-2019

Energy Systems Catapult consolidated its position as a trusted partner for industry and government as they chart their course to towards a future, low carbon energy system.

During 2018-19 the Catapult saw a big focus on delivery, working with energy suppliers to develop new propositions which are being deployed in the market, with product innovators to test how their technologies perform in real people’s homes and piloting innovative new approaches, such as energy-as-a-service and local area energy planning, which we think could be essential to the energy market of the future.

Annual Impact Review 2018-19 (Digital version)

Get a taste of the vast array of activity and partnerships that Energy Systems Catapult were involved in during 2018-19 – touching every part of the energy system – and looking to the year ahead.

PDF version available here.

Key points

Energy Systems Catapult is here to help innovative businesses tackle the most difficult challenges facing the energy sector, as the UK moves to a net zero economy and during 2018-19:

  • Innovator Support – Engaged with 228 businesses, including collaborating with 88 industrial partners and providing significant support for 37 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) through our Innovator Support Platform,. Which provided tailored incubation and acceleration support as they develop new products and services and grow their businesses. SME featured include: Evergreen, Neuville and Levelise.
  • Heat – Delivered the UK’s largest smart, consumer-focused project aimed at overcoming the barriers to the decarbonisation of residential heat. The £30 million, five-year Smart Systems and Heat programme (SSH) piloted a new way to sell heating. Modelling, Digital and Data, and Consumer Insight capabilities were refined – alongside the creation of a ‘Living Lab’ of over 100 homes upgraded with advanced digital control and data science. Business featured include: Baxi, Bristol Energy and Airex.
  • Digital and Data – we developed our range of digital and data assets and expertise, such as data science, algorithms and AI, alongside a Living Lab helped innovators develop new products, services and business models and trial them directly with consumers. Projects featured include: Energy Data Taskforce.
  • Transport – we developed significant transport expertise, including in modelling, analysis and consumer insight. Projects featured include: Consumers, Vehicles and Energy Integration and Vehicle to Grid Britain.
Annual Impact Review 2018-2019