Innovator Support: Logicor


Millions of homes will need to switch to low carbon heating within the next decade if the UK is to reach a ‘net zero’ carbon future. This underlines the pressing need for new, greener technologies which still deliver the same or better comfort outcomes for people.

Logicor, an energy-focused R&D business, have developed an infrared heating system specially designed for use in homes that delivers comfort more efficiently and doesn’t need a gas boiler. Following a successful application process, the Innovator Support Platform is working with Logicor to assess the current market landscape, assess the value for customers, and understand and refine their pitch.

The Innovation

The Clear Heating System (CHS) is an all-electric infrared heating system.  The system requires no plumbing, boiler or complex wiring and can be easily installed.

Whereas standard radiators heat the air to warm a room, the CHS uses infrared panels to hold heat in the objects contained within a room, turning it into a 360 degree radiator. Radiant heating is more direct, allowing people and objects to feel the warmth much quicker and minimising heat lost from opened doors or windows.

The CHS uses intelligent controls to use only the amount of energy necessary to keep spaces at the temperatures specified by the user – ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency with minimal effort.

The Challenge and Opportunity

With natural gas boilers responsible for almost a fifth (17%) of CO2 emissions through keeping our homes and workplaces warm and maintaining a supply of hot water, the all-electric CHS has the potential to play a major role in decarbonisation of this sector.

Infrared heating is well known in commercial and hospitality sectors but relatively unknown as an alternative for residential heating. Understanding the value to customers and refining the messaging for both buyers and end users will be critical to overcoming this lack of awareness.

Our Approach

Energy Systems Catapult is home to the Innovator Support Platform (ISP) that draws on our capabilities and assets, along with those of our partners.  The ISP provides innovators with tailored incubation and acceleration support to help address systemic barriers, de-risk innovation, help businesses scale and secure investment.

Incubation Support

Tailored support for selected SMEs utilising Catapult assets and capabilities, and delivery partner offerings, such as Business Sprint’ workshops, Business Model Development, Energy System Integration assessment, Consumer Insights, Concept testing and validation, Identification of candidates for Acceleration support.

Energy Systems Catapult will support Logicor with capabilities including:

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis: Delivery Support Network partner Clear Blue Energy are helping with the opportunity and competitive landscape work, studying the infrared heating market, to include product types, technology, market size and segmentation, integrated systems, competitors and pricing, consumer acceptance.
  • Business Model Innovation: Understand the current Customer Value Proposition, including the features, functions and benefits and mapping to stakeholders in the value chain. Identify priorities for short-term sales activity and, using feedback from consumer insight, refine the proposition and market messaging to form the basis of a comprehensive sales and marketing plan.
  • Consumer Insight: Using Logicor’s customer base source data and customer experiences of CHS within several homes to validate energy consumption versus alternative electric heating systems. Determine the comfort and other benefits (such as health, reduction in mould/damp, building maintenance etc) and consumer reaction to infrared heating.

To find out more about the Innovator Support Platform, click here.