Energy Data User Needs

As part of the Modernising Energy Data Access competition we are seeking input from current and potential users of energy data to understand what your specific needs are and how they can be best served by a Common Data Architecture solution.

Many projects have asked stakeholders about their energy data use cases (Energy Data Taskforce, Energy Data Visibility, Modernising Energy Data Access, etc.). We now want to go deeper and understand specifically what information you need to achieve your goals, what needs to be linked and in what format it should be provided. We are particularly interested to understand if there are specific formats or structures that you would prefer and your specific requirements for granularity, accuracy, completeness, consistency or timeliness of data.

We have created a form to collect information from stakeholders and we would love to get input from as many energy data users as possible.

The information provided will be aggregated with other submissions (to avoid duplication) and added to a public repository of specific energy data needs. These will form a body of knowledge which will be used to direct the development of the Common Data Architecture solution and identify standardisation needs. This approach has been inspired by the Internet Engineering Task Force ‘Request for Comments’ approach that helped to drive the development and growth of the internet – thanks for Paul Barnfather from EA Technology for the suggestion.

If you have any questions please contact:

Energy Data User Needs