Energy Systems Catapult works with government, academia and industry on specialist taskforces and provides sector leadership and unique insights on a range of specialisms, such as energy services and the role of innovation in tackling fuel poverty.

Markets, Policy and Regulation
Energy Systems Catapult offers a policy, regulatory and market design expertise that combines deep understanding of technology, economics, and energy policy design, informed by cutting-edge modelling and evidence-based analysis.We work with government, regulators, SMEs, innovators and academia to develop practical, solution-focused market design, policy and regulatory options.
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Energy Services
Energy Systems Catapult has developed a specialism in Energy Services to drive the creation of innovative business models to help energy providers give consumers improved control over cost and comfort, and create a route to market for low carbon technology.
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Fair Futures
Fair Futures focuses on how innovation can be used to better understand the issues faced by vulnerable energy consumers and to identify the areas where commercial, governmental, community and household needs and motivations could be aligned to provide more effective policies, products and services.
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Mother and son heating up a hand in front of an electric heater. Modern electric heater.
EV Energy Taskforce
Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce was announced as a part of the ‘Road to Zero’ strategy in July, in anticipation of growth in the use of electric and plug-in vehicles over the coming years, and the challenges and exciting new opportunities for the rapidly transforming UK electricity system.
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Energy Data Taskforce
The Energy Data Taskforce has been created to advise Government, Ofgem and industry on how to unlock value from data within the energy system to deliver greater competition, drive innovation in new products, services and business models, and ultimately produce a more efficient, cost-effective and that works for consumers.
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