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Energy Systems Catapult is supporting innovative businesses to design, test and commercialise energy service propositions that consumers want and to help decarbonise UK homes.

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  • What we do – is offer a range of relevant technical, commercial & policy capabilities – such as Consumer Insight or Business Models Innovation – to help overcome barriers to accelerating Energy Services, such as Heat as a Service, Comfort as a Service or Mobility as a Service, to market at scale.
  • Tools & Labs – sets out our innovation platforms and assets – such a the Energy Launchpad and Living Lab – to help innovative businesses develop, test and commercialise new Energy Services.
  • Projects & Case Studies – showcases some of the innovators we have worked with developing Energy Services that help to decarbonise UK homes.

What we do

We're supporting businesses innovating to create Energy Services for a Net Zero future. Click on the cards below to find out more.

Tools & Labs

Our work has produced a number of valuable tools to help kickstart the push to Net Zero. Click on the cards below to find out more.

Projects and Case Studies

Here are some examples of how we're helping to tackle the hardest challenges on the way to Net Zero.

Case Study

Exploring the future of heating with Baxi

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Case Study

Bristol Energy: Heat as a Service Trial

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Case Study

Ventive Home: Smart, whole house retrofit solution

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Case Study

Smart Systems and Heat

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