Whole Energy Systems Methodology Request for Proposal - Update

Meeting our future energy needs in an affordable, secure and decarbonised manner is a matter of global importance. The UK Government has set ambitious targets for decarbonising the energy system by 2050 with a sequence of carbon budgets to be met along the way.


While the key attributes of reliability, affordability, and security remain unchanged, meeting our decarbonisation targets in the context of an ageing infrastructure and shifts in societal expectations will require a transformation in how we supply, manage and consume energy.


The Energy Systems Catapult is therefore procuring a package of professional services/systems engineering and consultancy work whose output will assist stakeholders within the energy community to make better informed strategic, policy, investment and operational decisions.


In October 2016 the Catapult issued a Request for Proposal (RfP) to identify suppliers for the package of work detailed above.


The closing date for the receipt of proposals was 19th of December and we are now unable to accept any further proposals. Assessment of the proposals received is underway and it is anticipated that a contract will be awarded in Q1 2017.


Please continue to follow the Energy Systems Catapult website and the Government’s Contract Finder website for future commercial opportunities to supply to us.

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