16 innovators chosen for virtual missions to India and Thailand

Published: 22 December 2020

Sixteen innovators offering a range of exciting smart energy system products and services have been selected for an Energy Launchpad International virtual mission to India and Thailand.  

This Innovator Challenge is supported by the Prosperity Fund at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), in partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and the Department for International Trade (DIT).

The 16 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) will be supported to accelerate their international ambitions within their chosen territory – with the provision of deep market insights, ‘end-to-end’ export support through targeted activities and in-country networks – to develop commercial opportunities and partnerships.

Energy Launchpad International will deliver incubation and acceleration support in three phases:

  • Phase 1 – group support for the SMEs based on territory. Delivering a bespoke managed programme to develop their understanding of the market structure/opportunity, local competition, business culture, local funding/financing options, business model adaptations, as well as helping develop their sales pitch presentations and where necessary carry-out an audit of the innovators technology fit to meet the local market needs.
  • Phase 2 – support each SME in developing an in-territory engagement plan, supported by local Catapult representatives who will help develop and secure virtual introductions to support the objectives of the engagement plan.
  • Phase 3 – provide each SME with support over an extended period to ensure that relationships developed during phase 2 are enriched to maximise the commercial opportunities and partnerships.

Paul Jordan, Business Lead for Energy Launchpad International, said: “Many UK innovators struggle to export successfully because they lack end-to-end support. Our phased incubation and acceleration programme helps SMEs prepare their product or service for export here in the UK, before  providing them with a deeper level of support to engage with overseas energy markets.

“Working with BEIS, FCDO and DIT, Energy Systems Catapult established Energy Launchpad International to provide this holistic support, combining energy system expertise with a critical understanding of overseas energy markets.

“Added to this, the Prosperity Fund presents a major opportunity for the UK to capture ‘secondary benefits’ for the sector, by building on existing large-scale initiatives already in train.

“After delivering five Innovator Challenges domestically over the last two years, we’re delighted to see 16 SMEs selected for our first Energy Launchpad International initiative. The quality of the applications was yet again outstanding and we are looking forward to working with these exciting businesses over the next few months, helping them to drive forward their global ambitions and expand into India and Thailand.” 

The 8 SME innovators on a virtual mission to India are:  

1. Conigital

Conigital provide a suite of software services that enable businesses to manage and optimise their energy asset deployment, allowing them to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

ConOPTIUM™ is a platform that allows decision-making at scale, providing operational intelligence with (near) real-time incident management, response, and recommendation; this helps operators of complex environments facilitate decision-making.

Their patent pending multi-objective algorithm digests millions of datapoints to assess the cascading effect of potential decisions across the entire operation and make recommendations based on operator priorities. They can optimise site operations, better prepare for, and prevent incidents, and drive down operational costs.  

2. Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering helps its customers understand, mitigate and manage the impact of the weather on their business. It helps businesses address current weather-related issues, and also future issues arising as a result of climate change. Their diverse team consists of data scientists, meteorologists, mathematicians, computer programmers and engineers. Digital Engineering uses this range of experience to work with transmission and distribution companies to solve problems in new and creative ways.

Digital Engineering has worked on numerous projects with major electricity network operators in the UK and has developed high value intellectual property as a result. It also works with utility customers in North America, Europe and Australia.  

3. Turbo Power Systems

Turbo Power Systems Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of customized power electronics and electrical machines, delivering products to global OEMs with a proven track record of high performance and reliability.

They offer a tailored and diversified product range that includes ruggedized power conversion equipment for transportation platforms, high speed motors with magnetic bearings for HVAC and air compression and grid tied and islanded inverters for electricity generation and distribution. Further, Turbo Power Systems Ltd offers ultra-rapid DC chargers for accelerated adoption of electric vehicles.  

4. Riding Sunbeams

Riding Sunbeams Apollo is an exciting green tech start up business with a mission to open the market for solar renewable energy to directly power railways across the world. They have now proved the technology in our First of a Kind First Light demonstrator project in the UK working with Network Rail. They have a triple bottom line to deliver decarbonisation for rail travel at a sustainable cost that includes community investment and benefits.  

5. Ryse Energy

Ryse Energy is a UK-based, impact-driven, leader in renewable off-grid energy systems with over 4,000 installations across all seven continents. With manufacturing in the UK and soon India, Ryse Energy is a primary manufacturer of the most innovative and diverse wind technology portfolio in the sector, ranging from 3 – 60kW capacity per unit.

Ryse Energy provides wind and solar as standalone technologies, offering either grid-connected or off-grid solutions with energy storage. Their unique wind turbine technologies can be combined with solar PV and energy storage to create bespoke, resilient and reliable hybrid renewable solutions, with various applications including decarbonizing infrastructure in the telecoms and oil & gas industries, to community power for rural electrification.   

6. SolarisKit

SolarisKit has developed, tested, and patented the world’s first flat-packable solar thermal collector. A prismatic solar collector which can be assembled in approximately 20 minutes using no tooling and simple instructions. Once assembled, their device is able to convert sunlight directly into hot water at temperatures of up to 60C, making it ideal for both domestic and commercial hot water applications (e.g. hot water for bathing in homes, hotels, etc.). Their device has been specifically developed to provide an alternative means to produce heat which is more affordable, easier to transport, and significantly simpler to install. 

7. Power Transition

Power Transition Ltd was formed in 2018 by the collaboration of three talented groups, The Carbon Free Group, 4D Energy Consulting and Guard Global Centre of Excellence, who together created a product, encompassing the key cornerstones of the renewable-energy sector. Power Transition provides the software architecture for an intelligent energy system.

Their technology enables the efficient exchange and access of data across multiple energy vectors and assets, whilst guaranteeing cybersecurity, helping to keep the lights on and build resilience in the sector. Their platform creates new revenue streams, provides optimisation to enable Distributed Energy Resource Management and support flexibility services, whilst saving carbon and reducing energy costs, supporting the rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy.   

8. SEaB Power

SEaB Energy’s mission is to develop and commercialise circular economy technologies to turn organic waste into energy, water and fertiliser exactly at the point where the waste is produced and the energy is required. SEaB aims to disrupt traditional food waste management with a solution that fits Future Cities concepts and complies with the strictest environmental regulations.

Their innovation, the FLEXIBUSTER™ is a modular, containerised, fully automated, remotely monitored, patented organic waste management solution for converting the waste to electricity, heat, biofuel and valuable fertiliser and water while being integrated into buildings. The award-winning small-scale closed-loop technology is based on anaerobic digestion, designed to process waste of mid-size food waste producers (between 500kg and 3000kg of waste per day), such food producers, food wholesalers and retailers, hotels, restaurants, catering companies, large corporate headquarters and municipalities.

The 8 SME innovators on a virtual mission to Thailand are:  

9. Storelectric

Storelectric (SEL) is a technology and project developer specialising in Large Scale Long Duration Energy Storage using Compressed Air. Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) is an optimal large-scale technology for enabling renewable energy sources to power the electrical grid, a key part of the global fight against climate change. CAES is a proven technology, around since the 1970s, with over 40years of operational experience.

Storelectric has greatly improved this technology and developed new world-leading versions of CAES with increased performance and flexibility, hence greater expected profitability. With the technology and organisation well advanced, first patent (hydrogen CAES related) having been secured and a second pending, Storelectric is ready to rollout a worldwide pipeline of CAES projects, starting in the UK followed by SE Asia, US, Europe and the Middle East.   

10. BlockDox

BlockDox is an award winning urban digital solutions company headquartered in London, but working globally. Our patented technology uses the very latest innovations in the Internet of Things, as well as machine and deep learning data science to help make spaces smarter. We are currently focussed on two smart city verticals: intelligent transportation & smart buildings (including airports, train stations etc).

Currently, most buildings are managed based on fixed assumptions rather than real time demand with implications for energy saving, operational efficiency, space utilisation and revenue generation. BlockDox uses IoT sensors and data science to blend real time occupancy data with indoor air quality and other data sets (eg. weather, event data) providing insights to building owners and managers about improving demand-side management.   

11. Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Limited

Entrust Smart Home Microgrid Ltd, formed in 2018, specialise in the design and sale of smart microgrid systems that not only reduce energy consumption from the grid, but maximise benefits from embedded solar PV energy.

Entrust Smart Home Microgrid is a smart, innovative power system, with all the benefits of renewable energy and energy storage, providing high power efficiency for home and business alike, cutting grid connection costs, saving money and providing truly scalable low carbon energy solutions.

12. GridDuck

GridDuck has developed a wireless energy efficiency and flexibility solution, with a dashboard, an API and a portfolio of wireless relays, controllers and sensors. Energy consultants, facility managers and demand response aggregators can analyse and control and automate their client’s consumption for each individual appliance.  

13. Noos Energy

Noos Energy has developed Neptune, the next-generation data technology for smart energy ecosystems. The cloud-based platform uses data, analytics and artificial intelligence for real-time decision making around procurement, demand management and dynamic pricing.

The platform interfaces and integrates with business applications to process the rapidly increasing amount of energy demand data (eg, smart meters, smart devices and smart homes), changing consumption patterns (eg. electric vehicles and time-of-use tariffs) and distributed energy supply (eg. forecast and aggregate complex load profiles).

14. GreenEnco

GreenEnco is a technical consultancy and engineering service provider in solar, energy storage and EV charging infrastructure projects. GreenEnco has developed a systematic asset optimisation strategy for solar projects – driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine-Learning (ML) algorithms with a strong emphasis of domain specific human Intelligence. These algorithms are successfully validated in a 300MW solar portfolio with up to 10% generation gain.

GreenEnco has successfully demonstrated a unique 360° design optimisation approach to utility scale projects in Europe and Asia to optimise LCOE of a solar project. They have delivered over 2GW of projects in design optimisation, owner’s engineering, and asset optimisation domain.

15. Telensa

Telensa makes wireless smart city applications, helping cities around the world save energy, work smarter and deliver more joined-up services for their citizens. Telensa PLANet is the world’s most deployed smart streetlight solution, with a footprint of two million lights. Urban IQ builds on the compelling business case for smart street lighting to provide cities and utilities with an open, low-cost platform to add multiple sensor applications. Telensa is based in Cambridge in the UK, and manufactures with Sony UK. It also has regional operations in the USA and Asia Pacific.

16. OXTO Energy

OXTO Energy’s purpose is to radically transform the way energy is managed in order to meet the worlds’ increasing demand for more and cleaner energy. The company’s proprietary hardware technology, initially developed for orbiting satellites, is focused on a completely new generation of grid‐scale flywheel batteries which have the power to change energy storage for industries like power generation, manufacturing, transportation and many more. Key drivers of their flywheel battery technology are cost efficiency, safety, unlimited cycle capability and a 100% recyclable battery.