Domestic Energy Services
Published: 12 February 2018

The energy we use on heating and hot water at home produces about 20% of UK carbon emissions. Reductions have been made, but progress is slower than required and may become more challenging. Previous cuts have been relatively simple and cheap. Deeper cuts could prove more disruptive, complex and costly.

Energy Systems Catapult has conducted extensive consumer research for the Energy Technologies Institute to understand how to put consumers at the heart of decarbonising heat.

Key points

  • Low carbon heating must appeal to consumers if the UK is to tackle climate change.
  • Consumers might welcome solutions if they enhanced their experiences using heat at home.
  • Consumers will need help to get high quality experiences from low carbon heating solution.
  • Policies could harness the emerging ‘smart home’ to garner public support for decarbonising heat.
  • Decarbonisation could help the vulnerable access basic energy services, but there are also risks.