EDF energy selected to support an integrated electric heating project

Published: 26 May 2016

Energy Systems Catapult has appointed EDF Energy R & D UK Centre to provide dynamic energy modelling capability and expertise to assist in the delivery of an Integrated Electric Heating Project for the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).

Modelling scenarios suggest electric heating could play an important part in a future decarbonised energy system. The Integrated Electric Heating Project, delivered on behalf of the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) aims to provide an understanding of the opportunities and challenges for electric heating to meet UK household requirements.

Through this project, EDF Energy will be tasked with developing a software package by extending the capability of their existing open source BuildSysPro modelling tool. With this newly developed software tool, the Catapult and EDF Energy will jointly model the interaction across a number of domestic UK building archetypes and household types between the heating system, control system, building fabric, weather and consumer requirements.

The outputs from this modelling will highlight specific opportunities and challenges of delivering low carbon heating solutions in UK homes whilst considering the needs of domestic residents. It will also enable the Catapult to undertake future detailed engineering analysis of current home energy/heating systems and new heating technologies as they emerge.

The Catapult has been set up in response to growing awareness of the need to take a systems-level approach to the challenge of transforming the UK’s energy, affordably and securely. The Catapult is also helping the UK capture commercial opportunities and create new businesses across the energy sector.

Chief Executive, Philip New said:

“This is an important step for the project and we are looking forward to working with EDF Energy as they bring a wealth of expertise and experience. This is an exciting time for the Catapult as we held our official launch at the start of May which highlighted our five-year delivery plan, and we will be moving to our new office in Birmingham city centre later this year.”

EDF Energy is one of Europe’s largest energy utility companies and has a wide range of experience in building and systems modelling and energy technology development.

Emmanuel Cerqueira of EDF Energy said:

“The Integrated Electric Heating Project will provide key insights into how the UK can transition to a flexible low carbon heating model and successfully meet customer requirements. This project will provide greater understanding of the interactions between heating systems and their controls, buildings and their occupants, and the wider UK energy system. I’m confident that our industry-leading research and development expertise will contribute to the success of this project and deliver great value to the Energy Systems Catapult.”

The Integrated Electric Heating Project is a key strand of the ETI’s Smart Systems and Heat Programme (SSH). The Catapult is delivering Phase One of the programme as a supplier to the ETI and from 2017 the Catapult will be responsible for delivery of Phase Two of the programme independently of the ETI.

The SSH programme aims to create future-proof and economical local heating solutions for the UK by connecting together the understanding of consumer needs and behaviours with the development and integration of technologies and new business models into enhanced knowledge. This will deliver industry and investor confidence to implement changes in heat provision in the UK.

The modelling for the Integrated Electric Heating Project is due to be completed this Winter.