Joint EPSRC research call for Whole Energy Systems scoping studies


Energy Systems Catapult has launched a call in collaboration with the EPSRC seeking proposals in six whole energy systems related areas.

The call follows on from a collaborative scoping workshop held in July with 25 leading academics who considered a number of challenge questions which have been used to scope the call.

By collaborating with the EPSRC the Catapult are seeking to work with the academic community to:

  • enable the commissioning of new, focused work to complement, challenge or enhance existing research or investigate new territory;
  • encourage effective interdisciplinary approaches to whole systems modelling of future energy scenarios that necessarily bring together a range of disciplines;
  • develop common methodologies including communications to support building commonality across multiple stakeholders to enhance the impact of research; and
  • support multi-directional knowledge sharing between industry, academia and Government.

Find details of the six areas and the call documentation here.