Future of Heat Conference 2020: Accelerating Heat Decarbonisation Progress to 2030

Published: 22 January 2020

To meet the UK net zero carbon target by 2050, real progress to decarbonise heat across the UK needs to start happening now. As we move into a decade of disruption, it is a crucial time to set out what the next steps are on the route towards low carbon heat across the UK.

Back by popular demand, Network’s second Future of Heat Conference addresses how the industry, in collaboration with all stakeholders, can drive real progress in decarbonising heat across the UK. The event will feature expert speakers to outline the direction of travel and to define what next practical steps you need to take over the next decade to drive real, measurable progress.

Energy Systems Catapult at Future of Heat 2020

Energy Systems Catapult is proud to support this year’s conference, starting with the pre-conference workshop on 25 February.

Matthew Lipson, Energy Systems Catapult’s Consumer Insight Business Lead, will take part in the session:

15:00    Deep dive: Bringing consumers along on the heat decarbonisation journey

Around 20% of the nation’s carbon emissions are generated by domestic heating. Eliminating emissions from buildings is a relatively cost-effective means to meet carbon targets – therefore alternatives to domestic natural gas heating systems need to be installed.

In this workshop we will collaboratively work to address how we can secure adoption and acceleration of energy systems switching for the UK domestic user at scale.

Topics include:

  • How can we raise consumer awareness to a point of action?
  • What is the critical argument and value ‘tipping point’ from caring to action?
  • What does this agenda for change practically mean for the domestic energy retail space?
  • What new propositions, collaborations and market supply models are likely to emerge?
  • What initiatives can we take now to prepare for the retail market and offer transformation?

On the day of the main conference, our Consumer Insight Manager, Rose Chard, will deliver the welcome keynote and chair the day’s programme.

At 11.45am Richard Leach will be presenting on the main stage:

11:45    Local Area Energy Planning – enabling a transition to smart local energy systems

  • The role of whole system Local Area Energy Planning (LAEP) in decarbonisation of heat
  • Enabling the delivery of smart local energy systems aligned to net zero commitment
  • Scaling up LAEP and unlocking investment in low carbon heat

To find out more about the event, click here.