Innovator Toolkit: Energy Sector Testing & Demonstration Facilities
Published: 14 December 2017

This guide has been created to provide a deeper knowledge of the testing and demonstration facilities landscape for the energy sector, both in the UK, and worldwide.

It includes a directory of the large number of facilities across the UK and the world with a variety of capabilities to cater for all innovations to help innovators establish what type of testing they may need in order to drive their products through to business as usual within the energy sector.

The guide has been created as part of our Innovator Toolkit developed in collaboration with the Energy Innovation Centre. It is intended to act as a reference point for innovators and is aimed at helping businesses accelerate the transformation of the energy sector.

The Energy Systems Catapult is dedicated to helping the UK energy industry unleash innovation and exploit the opportunities of the global energy revolution. We know SME innovators are critical to achieving this aim. We are committed to strengthening relationships withing industry and removing any barriers to innovation adoption.