Local schools excited by the future of energy

Published: 27 March 2017

Pupils from two local Midlands schools have been working in partnership with the Energy Systems Catapult.

Children from Woodhouse Primary Academy in Quinton, Birmingham and Parkside Middle School in Bromsgrove visited the Catapult on Wednesday 15th March to showcase their ideas for the future of energy.

The session was part of the official opening of the Catapult’s new office in Birmingham- Cannon House, and was the second visit made by pupils from the school. The first visit was in December when pupils developed time capsules.

As part of an art competition at the two schools, the children were tasked with creating artwork that focused on the future of energy and energy systems. Pupils with the winning artwork were then invited into the Energy Systems catapult head office in Birmingham city centre, where their artwork was put on display as part of the opening ceremony.

Artwork included a fully sustainable Eco-Ski Resort and a Super Sonic Energy Box. The winners were Maisie Davies, Mystee Lydon and Eleanor Taylor from Parkside Middle School, and Bethany Prestage, Amina Botan and Joshua Hart from Woodhouse Primary Academy.

Marc Stone, of Energy Systems Catapult, who works closely with the two schools said: “The children from both schools have worked really hard this term to come up with some very imaginative ideas. They all approached this with an open mind, and what is wonderful is, that in their heads, anything is possible. We can learn a lot from these inquisitive young minds.

“The children were so excited to be here and they were welcomed by all Catapult staff and delegates at our opening ceremony.”

Richard Parslow, the deputy head teacher of Woodhouse Primary Academy said: “The children were inspired by what they saw at the Catapult. We have visited with two separate groups now- one for an introduction to the new site and the second to the official opening with our competition winners and selected VIPs.

“As we left the office one young lady from Year 4 asked which bus she needed to catch as she wanted to come back and start working! We are looking forward to developing our links further with the Catapult and inspiring the innovators of the future!”

Natalie Mancini, the deputy head at Parkside Middle School commented: “Our pupils were highly motivated and inspired by the day. They were very excited by the technology they saw and felt very privileged to be part of such a special event.”

The winning artwork will be displayed in the office of the Energy Systems Catapult in Birmingham