Smart Systems and Heat Phase 2: Event presentations

Published: 21 March 2019

Decarbonising heat is the biggest emissions challenge facing the UK. Energy Systems Catapult has been delivering the UK’s largest smart, consumer-focused project aimed at overcoming barriers to the decarbonisation of residential heat – the Smart Systems and Heat (SSH) programme.

SSH Phase 2, funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, recently held a dissemination event to share the findings and build partnerships to put them into action.

A new approach to decarbonising heat

Presentations included:

  • Decarbonising Heat: the challenge that SSH was set up to tackle – Richard Halsey
  • Creating a Living Lab to test ways to decarbonise heat – Matt Lipson
  • How do we enable a market transformation – John Fox
  • New Local Contexts – Richard Halsey
  • Social  Dimensions of a Smarter Energy System – Jan Webb
  • Local Area Energy Strategy & Smart Energy Plan – Cllr Richard Young.

See presentations from the Newcastle, Manchester or Bridgend events