Supporting innovators with Energy Knowledge eXchange™

Published: 6 June 2018

Energy Systems Catapult (ESC), set up by the government to help innovators transform the energy system, has launched a collaborative new resource designed to help innovators access knowledge and find research outcomes quickly and easily.

Delivered in collaboration with stakeholders across the energy industry and academic research providers, Energy Knowledge Exchange™ (EKX) allows energy SMEs to gain free access to valuable information and acts as a platform for innovators to find support networks, collaborate, explore sources of funding and build productive partnerships.

EKX™ saves users time and money by signposting resources using its digital index service. Innovators can explore summaries of existing knowledge and unlock hidden data easily, helping overcome innovation barriers, avoid dead ends and access the latest solutions and insights.

It is designed to respond to users’ searches by signposting additional related information, and can automatically analyse content on users’ existing webpages, making related knowledge more accessible without users needing to know specific terminology or industry jargon. In this way, EKX™ complements everyday search engines, but is adaptive and tailors the knowledge landscape to each user.

Eric Brown, Director of Innovation at ESC, said: “Following a successful six-month pilot programme and upgrade works, we are pleased to mark the public launch of EKX™ to the energy industry.

“Through many consultations, energy innovators and SMEs told us that invaluable information already exists across many websites and databases, but getting access can be difficult and time-consuming.

“In response, together with our key partners, and with support from Innovate UK, we have created a collaborative tool which connects the dots and unlocks valuable resources. This enables users to quickly and easily navigate relevant pages across multiple information sites, technical databases and funding resources. We expect this to grow and evolve over time and welcome user feedback – I’d encourage all energy innovators to sign-up for the advanced EKX™ releases.”

The EKX™ service appeals directly to energy innovators, including SME’s as well as businesses of all sizes and roles. Its signposts can already be found across thousands of web pages, whilst further resources are continually updated by industry stakeholders including Energy Networks Association (ENA), the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), The Energy Data Centre, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC).

Mark Thompson, Head of Energy, Innovate UK, said: “The EKX™ collaboration is a prime example of how the Energy Systems Catapult will help innovators navigate the complex energy landscape and Innovate UK strongly supports the initiative.

“The ongoing exchange and sharing of knowledge through services like EKX™ will provide a significant step forward in allowing innovators to find valuable knowledge and information related to their work, and connect with potential partners to enable a growing network of energy innovators to prosper.” 

Shevali Patel, Energy100 Project Manager at ON5 Company UK, who trialled the initial pilot of EXK™ added: “EKX™ provides a valuable service to the energy sector. In the innovation space, having ready access to a tool that automatically connects relevant information with the right networks helps SMEs stay on top of research in such a fast-paced industry.

“Our team will certainly be continuing to use the service, and I look forward to discovering more targeted energy-related information to support us in developing better services for our end-users.”

Since its launch in 2015, the Catapult has been helping businesses accelerate the transformation of the energy sector through the development of innovative industry approaches, new products, services and business models. Information management is a key part of the Catapult’s purpose and mission, allowing a variety of stakeholders and partners to share information and assemble the jigsaw pieces of data to support innovation.