8 May: The Future of Heat – A Network Event

Published: 29 March 2019

The Future of Heat is a brand new event from the team who organise the annual Network Forum and Awards.  The new conference will address the issues surrounding decarbonising heat across the UK, with a strong focus on learning from ongoing projects and developing both policy and technical solutions to current and future challenges.

Energy Systems Catapult at The Future of Heat

At the event, Energy Systems Catapult’s Business Leader for Consumer Insight, Matt Lipson, will host a seminar to explore ‘How can “heat as a service” contribute to a lower carbon heating agenda in UK?’.  In the seminar he will look at:

  • selling ‘heat as a service’, instead of kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • collecting data and calculating monthly costs; and
  • the case study of Bristol Energy using the 100 home Living Lab to trial their offer

Matt’s session will begin at 2.10pm.

More information about The Future of Heat

Domestic and industrial heating was responsible for over 32% of Britain’s total emissions in 2015 and about 85% of the UK’s heating comes from natural gas, which is delivered through the gas network.  This puts the UK in a unique position that will require tailored solutions, both local and national.

In 2016, the government committed £320m to a capital investment programme to support up to 200 projects to help upgrade heating in towns and cities.  But, the UK is significantly off track to achieving the fourth and fifth carbon budgets which cover the period to 2032, and the lack of progress to decarbonise heating could make or break the UK’s carbon plans.  Substantial improvements in energy efficiency, more efficient gas appliances, greener forms of gas, and alternative heat technologies could deliver an 80%+ reduction in emissions by 2050.

The first Future of Heat Conference will help regulators, local authorities, central government,  generators, network operators and other stakeholders to set out the route forward towards decarbonising heat across the UK.  An array of expert speakers and panelists will address the direction of travel and how the sector’s players can realise the new opportunities being created in this new decarbonised heat world.

To book, please visit the Network website by clicking here.