Energy and buildings


At the Energy Systems Catapult we use our expertise in ‘building physics’ to help deliver our projects. We have developed a simulation toolkit that allows us to compare different heating systems in a range of typical UK homes.

The toolkit allows us to develop insights into potential energy savings and cost reductions while delivering comfort to households. This understanding will be developed within our ‘Upgrade Pathways’ project so that we can enable a variety of real homes to reach low or zero carbon levels over the next 20 years. We’ll be looking at different heating systems and seeing how easy it is for households to adopt them.

Our ‘building physics’ capability also helps to show how energy can be sold as a service instead of units of gas and electricity, making it much more meaningful to a householder. By demonstrating how heating costs are affected by the temperature within a house, the amount of time for which heating is required and the spaces that need to be warm, we are helping to shape ‘heat-as-a-service’ propositions.

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