Whole energy system expertise


The Energy Systems Catapult hosts a wide range of technical, commercial, regulatory and policy experts across the whole energy system.

Comprising individuals or teams with deep specialist knowledge and skills in areas such as power systems, building heat and information communication technologies, as well as policy, regulation and horizon scanning.

Our power systems specialists are playing a key role in the Future Power System Architecture programme – defining 35 functions of the future power system architecture.

Our building heat and energy system specialists have developed a model to predict, test and review the impacts of smart heating solutions on domestic properties and play a key role in our Smart Systems and Heat programme.

To address the digital opportunities and threats of the future energy system, we are building our digital capability and already have a small team of data scientists working on algorithms that learn about building physics and consumer preferences to optimise the use of energy to heat homes in more consumer-focused ways.

In policy and regulation, we are connecting our insights on the technical, commercial and consumer needs of the future energy system with the policy and regulation landscape and reporting on the changes that need to be made, as well as feeding our insights in to the regular consultation processes. Our activities in this area extend from national, macro system policy and regulation through to the local area, where we synthesise insights using techno-economic analyses of optimum cost and carbon minimisation heating solutions for local areas, with our consumer insights and policy horizon scanning to help local authorities formulate their local area energy plans.

Our business model specialists explore innovation around the new commercial models that businesses will require to exploit the opportunities of energy system transformation and are in turn essential to make that transformation happen.

We have horizon scanning specialists looking across the energy landscape for new developments – technological, commercial, regulatory, academic – to assess their relevance and impact on the future energy system.  They are building a suite of reports to enable all our practices and wider stakeholders to have timely and easy access to relevant and potentially game changing new developments.

Contact for more information

Email: innovation@es.catapult.org.uk