Consumer insight services


Understanding consumer energy needs and behaviours is important if innovators and industry players are to successfully integrate new products, services and business models into the energy transition.

The Energy Systems Catapult is helping industry to better understand these complexities by grouping, or segmenting, people who share similar energy needs and behaviours, in order to:

  • deliver products and services that delight customers
  • implement policies that have the desired impact
  • develop business strategies that succeed
  • craft communications that have impact

However, the majority of householders cannot accurately describe their behaviours – after all, how many of us can remember every time we’ve tweaked our heating settings? While common ground is often masked by differing behaviours – two people who prioritise the same outcome may try to achieve this in very different ways.

Consumer services that ESC can deliver, include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies – a range of research approaches to identify all the areas of commonality, from focus groups to in-home surveys – we’re fluent in them all
  • Data validated by ‘real-life’ trials – our sensor-enabled consumer trials allow us to combine data and observation to understand the real lives of each consumer segment, so we can compare what people say with what they actually do
  • Bespoke analysis and modelling – we apply advanced data science to combine consumer survey responses with sensor data and building measurements.
  • Relating current consumer segments to future behaviours – by testing new service ideas thoroughly with each segment we both validate our segment profiles and understand how they will behave in the future energy market.

We have already created a segmentation framework to design services that appeal to different types of households. We are poised to start working on non-domestic energy use, considering the needs of industrial and commercial energy consumers.

If you’re trying to understand differences between how consumers use energy, get in touch and we will help you to apply these principles.