Energy Revolution Integration Service


Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) is playing a central coordinating role in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Prospering from the Energy Revolution.

Launched by UK Research and Innovation, ESC will deliver project integration, innovation services and technical expertise through the ‘‘Energy Revolution Integration Service’, ensuring the projects are coherent with the whole energy system and add up to more than the sum of their parts.

What is the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Prospering from the Energy Revolution?

UK Government is investing in research and industry to develop future smart energy systems and prove their use at scale. ISCF – Prospering from the Energy Revolution will bring together businesses working with the best research and expertise to develop and demonstrate new approaches to provide cleaner, cheaper and more resilient energy. This includes providing energy in ways that consumers want by linking low-carbon power, heating and transport systems with energy storage and advanced IT to create intelligent, local energy systems and services – with the aim of increasing efficiency, cutting bills and carbon, and creating more high value jobs.

UK organisations/consortia can apply to Innovate UK for a share of up to £41.5 million to organise world-leading practical demonstrations of smart energy systems or to design new concepts. The fund is split into two parts:

Up to £40 million available for three smart local energy systems: demonstrators that intelligently link supply, storage and demand patterns across power, heating and transport. The result will be a dynamic energy system that can:

  • dramatically reduce whole system energy costs and emissions
  • transform services to users
  • improve efficiency, productivity and resilience
  • reduce environmental impacts.

While up to £1.5 million is available for studies into smart local energy systems: concepts and designs that combine new and existing energy technologies with:

  • smart systems
  • new market and regulatory solutions, such as for energy trading
  • consumer engagement.

Find out more and how to apply here:  Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Prospering from the Energy Revolution.

What is the Energy Revolution Integration Service?

Through the Energy Revolution Integration Service, ESC will play a coordinating role by providing successful bids with project integration guidance, innovation services and technical expertise.

As an independent, technology-agnostic organisation, the ESC is uniquely placed to utilise our strong portfolio of capabilities, assets and highly skilled people help government, academics and business to drive the ISCF – Energy Revolution forward.

We are anticipating receiving funding under the programme to enable us to provide projects with key services (where appropriate). These include:

  • Local Area Energy Planning, including EnergyPath Networks™ (EPN) and Discovering Data Assets development
  • Project co-ordination
  • Initial design assessment and advice
  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Evaluation frameworks
  • Learning library and dissemination

In addition, sub-contracting services could be built into projects in coordination with the ESC, drawing on our key assets, capabilities and expertise (where appropriate). These include:

  • Whole systems perspective
  • Independent energy system expertise and analysis
  • Energy markets and governance advice
  • Advice on testing and demonstration
  • Consumer engagement and business model development advice
  • Analysis of project data
  • Domain expertise
  • Bespoke consumer insight research and analysis
  • Open IoT platforms
  • Business model services
  • Data science services
  • National level transition modelling
  • Specialist local area planning services and tools
  • Building upgrade path services

For more information and to make an enquiry, please use our dedicated email address:

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