Future system design


EnergyPath™ Operations (EPO) is a whole energy systems analysis tool that allows users to explore potential future system architectural designs and assess the technologies, business models and ICT solutions needed to deliver those architectures.

What’s the impact of adding 100,000 hybrid heat pumps to the energy system? In the virtual EPO environment you can explore the resulting interactions between financial transactions, dynamic energy pricing and the physical energy system.

The complexities involved in progressing industry-wide, holistic changes are technically challenging, time-consuming and expensive. EPO allows users to validate system design choices through simulation prior to committing to costly lab or field trials, while also demonstrating the interaction with all other parts of the system.

EPO allows users to:

  • Trade off potential design solutions or reject those with too many problems
  • Identify unexpected emergent behaviours
  • Explore the development requirements for the gateways and the ICT solutions required to implement
  • Understand the requirements and risk areas to be tackled when building future test beds.

EnergyPath is the registered trademark of Energy Technologies Institute LLP. Developed in collaboration with the Energy Systems Catapult.

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