The Power Systems Challenge


The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) and the Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) in Strathclyde are collaborating with London-based SME, Neuville Grid Data in preliminary network testing on a key challenge area identified by the FPSA programme.

Neuville Grid Data is developing a ground-breaking grid power-monitoring capability. Its sensor network will collect very high-resolution, time-series data on electric grid conditions using innovative instrumentation that combine synchrophasor and power quality measurements. The resulting Big Data will then help inform, enhance, and enable power quality management including increased renewable energy generation; new energy storage services; smart grid operations; reduced energy losses; equipment condition monitoring; capital investment and more.

The aim is to test Neuville Grid Data’s solution to one of five key FPSA challenges and to demonstrate the capability and behaviour of the network in response.

  • To provide a monitoring and control of those parts of the system under active management, including network assets, demand, generation, other energy resources and ancillary services.
  • To identify and protect, on an ongoing basis, against cyber security threats to the operability of the power system which originate from inside and outside the power sector. Detect and respond to existing, new and unforeseen cyber security incidents promptly as required.
  • To plan for the timely restoration of supplies following a prolonged local failure (Cold Start).
  • To provide the ability to move between different modes of overall operation in the event or threat of a system emergency.
  • To plan for the timely restoration of supplies following a total or partial shutdown (Black Start).

The ESC, PNDC and Neuville Grid Data will identify and propose a method for validating the performance of the solution. After testing, the aim is to disseminate a report of the test regime identified and its suitability in evaluating the challenge. Pending agreement from the SME, the results from the testing will be included in the final report.


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