Energy Systems Catapult 5-Year Plan


The Energy Systems Catapult – why now?

Our energy system is radically changing. The challenges of decarbonisation, an ageing infrastructure and shifts in societal expectations require a rethink in how we supply, manage and consume energy.

Stronger consensus about the path forward, and finding the right solutions along the way, will benefit everyone. Government will make more informed policy decisions. Major suppliers and utility operators will find opportunities in a system that is more joined-up. Innovators and smaller businesses will be encouraged to enter a market that is easier and less costly to navigate. And consumers will enjoy more choice and better value for money.

The prize will not just belong to the energy sector. Energy is the backbone of the economy, and a primary influence upon our environment. Make energy cleaner, more affordable, more secure and more commercially sustainable, and we all win.
The future of energy begins now.