Innovator Support Portal: An Online Gateway for SMEs

From sector insights to collaboration and investment opportunities, our Innovator Support Portal is a vital gateway for SMEs innovating in the energy sector.

What is The Innovator Support Portal?

Innovation is crucial to transforming the UK energy system to meet carbon reduction targets and achieve our clean growth ambitions.

Energy Systems Catapult has launched a new Innovator Support Portal – providing SMEs with an online gateway to investors and international opportunities, including:

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  • Introduction to Energy Sector – guides to the GB energy sector
  • Insights – market intelligence, horizon scanning, research
  • Partnering – connect with a network of innovators and experts
  • Funding – funding finder tool, innovation calls and investor links
  • Catapult Network – learn about all 8 Catapults
  • International ­– discover global opportunities.


Our Approach

Energy Systems Catapult offers Innovator Support across three tiers: Universal, Incubation and Acceleration, by drawing on the Catapult’s capabilities and assets, along with a network of delivery partners, such as pre-existing incubators, to help SMEs to establish, develop and grow their businesses.

  • Incubation and Acceleration Support is available to selected SMEs to help them de-risk innovation, commercialise, scale-up their businesses and secure investment – with two innovator challenges announced each year.
  • Universal Support is available to all SMEs through the Innovator Support Portal, providing energy system insights and market intelligence, a network of partners, innovation and funding calls, investor links and international opportunities.


Connect With Investors and Opportunities

Access the latest opportunities, profile your business to the sector and find trusted partners by registering for the Innovator Support Portal.