Independent and technology-agnostic, whole systems approach to accelerating innovation in energy storage

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Accelerating innovation in energy storage to help energy system flexibility

Energy Systems Catapult offer world class systems engineering, working with government, regulators, industry, academia and innovators to overcome barriers and navigate the transition to Net Zero.

The Infrastructure and Engineering team offering specialist knowledge and practical experience in technology development and deployment, considering the technological, engineering, economic, regulatory and policy implications for innovations and investment decisions.

We have technical experts offering insights on Networks from a whole systems perspective:

  • Energy Storage – assessing energy storage within the context of whole energy systems, including: the impact of new technologies, developing and adapting infrastructure network strategies to enable cost effective energy delivery and examining the detailed interactions between energy storage and other means of providing energy system flexibility.

Including access to our pioneering Storage and Flexibility Model that can assess the value of specific storage technologies, and identify the system service requirements of future energy systems for long term strategic and short term operational uncertainties.

What we offer

Technology development and deployment

We provide evidence-based guidance to the UK innovation community to help maximise the value of:

  • Innovation assessments for new technologies, such as performance and cost characteristics
  • Technical due-diligence
  • Innovation management capability to support the progression of technologies towards commercialisation
  • Market positioning and partnering options to accelerate innovations towards commercialisation
  • Techno-economic analysis to assess the competitiveness of technologies and associated innovations in decarbonised future energy systems.

Supporting market and policy development

Our independent, whole systems approach can help develop market and policy frameworks that support new technologies deployed to optimise integration, deliver new services and value streams using multiple energy-vectors (electricity, heat, gas, hydrogen, etc).

Case studies

Commissions us

Good Energy commissioned Energy Systems Catapult to carry out whole system scenario modelling – with the specific constraints of allowing no nuclear power or fossil fuel energy supply – to determine if Net Zero by 2050 was still possible.

We utilised our Energy System Modelling Environment – which is a peer reviewed, least cost optimisation model. Plus our new Storage and Flexibility Model (SFM) – which provides a greater level of detail into how the energy system might function under Good Energy’s chosen scenarios.

The SFM platform produces highly granular dispatch information and explores the different roles and responsibilities of energy technologies and services in 2050, on an hour-by-hour basis.

Good Energy used the modelling results to compile a report supporting their efforts to increase renewable energy generation and storage in the coming decades.

Collaborate or Commission

Working with government, industry, utilities, local authorities and innovators to support the acceleration of innovation across energy networks.

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