Knowledge sharing and expertise


The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) is working closely with innovators and key stakeholder groups across the energy sector to ensure that knowledge and learnings are disseminated in a transparent and useful way.

The ESC has a one to one and institutional relationship, through Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), with the academic community that is being built upon. We are consulting with industry to design an enduring industry engagement model for senior level engagement with the private sector, including SMEs. These formal stakeholder engagement practices will be reinforced by adopting, for example, the specialist strategy advisory group (SAG) mechanism that the Energy Technologies Institute developed to enable free exchange of innovation thinking with subject matter experts from industry and academia.

We are expanding our range of strategic alliances (including the Institute for Engineering and Technology, Energy Innovation Centre and BEAMA, the trade association for supply chain companies) and collaboration with a wide range of businesses across the UK. We filter and focus these multiple wide reaching relationships into collaborative innovation programmes and projects to support innovators to accelerate their innovations to market.

The sheer scale and complexity of the energy systems landscape means that there are many thousands of organisations, initiatives, other innovations and system components that innovators might have to understand and work with to bring their innovation to market. ESC is therefore also developing a range of tools and platforms – such as the Energy Knowledge Exchange – to help target and curate sector knowledge and information so innovators can navigate their way through the landscape, gaining quick access to latest information on projects, potential partners, funding opportunities, policy and regulatory actions across the sector to support innovation priorities.

The ESC is an expert, independent authority, and a trusted interface between government, industry and academia. We offer unique assets and capabilities that help innovators overcome the technical, regulatory, economic and social barriers blocking routes to market. To find out more about our expertise in the energy sector, visit Our Capabilities section of the website.

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