Fair Futures


Many people in the UK struggle to get access to the cheapest energy, afford the most efficient technology or know what is the best way to use the energy they buy.

In order to understand how to design and deliver services to consumers facing difficulties with low household incomes and the high cost of adequate energy in their homes, the Energy Systems Catapult is trying to better understand what people need and want from energy in their home.

With consumer insight of vulnerable customers, organisations will be able to explore the opportunities for innovation that enable people to access the energy they want through new products and services. This could decrease the risk undertaken in innovation, for both businesses and consumers, and could be applied to developing new propositions, improving customer handling procedures and meeting new policy obligations and changes.

The ESC is partnering with organisations from various sectors to develop a programme – Fair Futures – to better understand the issues faced by a range of vulnerable energy consumer groups and identify the areas where commercial, governmental, community and householder needs and motivations could be aligned to provide more  and effective innovative policies, products and services.

If you’d like to be involved in ensuring the future energy system works for everyone through new policies, products, services and strategies please get in touch with us.

Read more about our Fair Futures Bootcamp – the first of its kind to be held in Britain, aimed to harness the powers of collaborative working and creativity to look at what might be achieved.

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