We support Energy Retailers to future-proof your businesses through independent whole systems expertise and bespoke services that help de-risk business model innovation

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Accelerating energy retailers to Net Zero

We are experts in whole-systems decarbonisation, so whatever support your business needs on your Net Zero journey, talk to us about how we can help you.

De-risk your future

Our independent whole systems insights and trusted expertise in markets, policy & regulations, can help you create actionable plans that enable your business to de-risk complex decisions and long-term investments in Net Zero technologies, systems, operations, markets and infrastructure.

Deliver a just transition

Our world-leading Fair Futures programme delivers innovation, trials and evidence can help you support low income and vulnerable consumers.

Navigate digital complexity

We can help you drive the digital transformation required to deliver Net Zero, embedding the “game-changing” Digital & Data Taskforce recommendations that are steering Government and Ofgem strategy, and delivering corporate digitalisation plans that unlock innovation for energy retailers.

Test and demonstrate

New service offerings that accelerate UK homes to Net Zero are emerging across the energy retail landscape. With our unique Living Lab of over 1,700 real world homes, we can help you with the data, evidence and insights to develop new consumer propositions, dive business model innovation and integrate technology solutions.

Products and Services

Helping energy retailers decarbonise the energy system and accelerate customer homes to Net Zero

Net Zero propositions that attract customers

Our Consumer Insight team can help you research, design and test new products, service propositions and business models with real consumers.

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Create Business Models for a Net Zero world

Our Business Model Innovation team can help you design new business models - such as Heat as a Service - to de-risk Net Zero and maximise value for customers.

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Trial new services in consumer homes

Use our Living Lab to help you develop, design, price, and run energy service trials with real consumers in over 1,700 digitally-connected homes.

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Better understand the future energy system

Our independent whole systems modelling can help you de-risk strategic investment decisions for the fast-approaching Net Zero energy system.

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Capitalise on the future energy market

Our energy policy, regulatory, and market design expertise can help you understand, innovate and capitalise on emerging changes in a Net Zero energy market.

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Harnessing Digital and Data

We can help you develop digital strategies and best practice, identify emerging challenges and work with cutting-edge innovators to find solutions for a more flexible energy system.

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Green Financing to decarbonise customer homes

We can support you to evaluate and develop innovative financing to help customer to decarbonise their homes.

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Skills and Training for Net Zero Homes

Identify and develop the skills needed in your workforce to help your customers decarbonise their homes.

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Support a just energy transition

Our renowned Fair Futures programme can help you design and trial innovative approaches to support low income and vulnerable consumers.

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Case Studies

The Role of Energy Retailers in the Net Zero Transition

Clean Energy Retail – The Role of Clean Energy Retailers in the Net Zero Transition was a report by Energy Systems Catapult commissioned by OVO Energy exploring both the expanded role that retailers needed to play in the Net Zero transition and the policy & regulatory reforms required to incentivise low carbon choices and new innovations.

The report recommended that energy retailers need to build trust and strengthen relationships with customers, and develop innovative propositions, that focus on:

  • Consumer outcomes – focusing on delivering the outcomes that reflect consumer preferences, house type, level of EV charge, desire for ‘green’ electricity etc, as opposed to simply billing for gas or electricity.
  • Low carbon products and services – developing personalised, “modular” and adaptable propositions – including bundling a range net zero products and services (e.g. heat pumps, EV chargers, solar, battery storage, etc..).
  • Vulnerable households – support for vulnerable households should be designed to also drive low carbon objectives that improve future resilience and drive energy efficiency.
  • Financing – facilitating long term financing for customers, managing the complexity of installing energy efficiency and low carbon technologies with SME partners.
  • Innovative tariffs – mainstreaming innovative tariff offerings, such as “time of use”, “type of use” and green tariffs to improve the customer experience and make the best use of new energy assets.

Policy reforms included:

  • Incentivising Low Carbon – enabling energy retailers to develop offers which incentivise people to make low carbon choices and become more flexible. Faster rollout of smart meters will be crucial but wider reform is also needed to sharpen wholesale price signals market-wide with half-hourly settlements and to strengthen green tariff frameworks.
  • Improving Customer Experience and Competition Metrics – making it simpler to choose low carbon offerings and easier to port that offer when switching supplier, whilst maintaining trust. This means simplifying the customer experience and improving data access.
  • Innovation, Vulnerable Households and a Just Transition – ensuring the transition to clean energy is accessible for all. Consumer protection measures must be updated and move with the times to continue to look after consumer interests. We also need smarter approaches to addressing fuel poverty, making use of data to identify those at risk and partnerships to help determine interventions.

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